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    We believe God built our bodies to run efficiently - working with us not against us. We have to teach our bodies to trust us... Trust that we will feed it the food and water it needs. Trust us to give it the exercise and sleep it needs. Once you establish that trust, your body WILL begin to work FOR you! We are excited to help you and your body become best friends again - in a way that benefits you both!

    We have watched so many people have success after their week-long experience with us and we have no doubt you would, too!

    The purpose of the program is to identify for you the ratio of nutritional components your body needs in order to burn fat. Each person is different, but we all need a certain amount of protein, veggies, fat and sugar. Once you know the amounts that your body requires, you'll watch the pounds melt off!

    We will identify your personalized "nutrition formula" for you at our initial meeting - spelling out for you how much protein, fat, sugar and vegetables you need to eat each day. You will be able to use that formula anytime you're wanting to "trim down".

    The "formula" is what has been so empowering for everyone. We all have weeks where we fall off the healthy eating wagon. Gaining the confidence in knowing what to do to get back on track is how we keep from spiraling into unhealthy eating patterns. Once you know your formula, you'll be able to run back to it whenever you need to get back on track.

    Because getting started on a new nutritional path can be overwhelming, our program includes your first week of eating! We partner with a licensed caterer to plan, count nutritional content, shop for, prepare, and package 6 days worth of meals for you. All you have to do is eat what we tell you to, and follow a few other suggestions about water, sleep, workouts, etc. from us.

    We'll meet back up with you on the last day of the week to run another body comp for you to see how the week went. We'll be able to make adjustments to your formula, offer helpful shopping and cooking tips, and then set you up for success on continuing down this path on your own! You'll leave slimmer, detoxed, and excited to make on your own some of the favorite meals you ate during the week!